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What's happening in the world of software development?
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Development : Choosing Between Off-The-Shelf or Custom Business Process Solutions
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/6/3 9:35:09 (3467 reads)

PC Backup has experience in building and implementing database applications for managing a companies' business processes, workflow, and data.

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Development : Oracle Database Capabilities Provided by PC Backup
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/5/28 9:10:00 (2667 reads)

PC Backup has multiple Oracle environments available for development work...

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Development : Qooxdoo 0.8.2 Just Released to the Public
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/3/6 20:00:00 (3111 reads)

The release of Qooxdoo version 0.8.2 was announced on Thursday, March 5, 2009 to the delight of loyal followers of the Javascript development framework. This release followed a busy week of pre-release testing and final code fixes from the development team.

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Development : XOOPS Provides an Easy Path to Community Web Sites
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/3/4 9:40:00 (3074 reads)

The open-source XOOPS (eXtensible Object-Oriented Portal System) framework provides a convenient method to building complex community web sites for the purpose of sharing information and files within a group of users without licensing costs or restrictions.

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Development : The Qooxdoo Development Framework Just Rocks
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/2/26 16:20:00 (1927 reads)

QooxdooLogoSmallWe're always on the lookout for improved methods of developing web sites, and Qooxdoo appears to have a lot to offer. Qooxdoo has been around for a few years, maturing and gathering a small following among web developers. The recent release of Qooxdoo 0.8.1 demonstrates a solid approach to building intelligent site functionality with minimal effort.

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