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What's happening in the world of software development?
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Development : Announcing our First Android App - The Lounge!
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2012/1/31 12:46:31 (2575 reads)

PC Backup announces the release of our first Android smartphone application in both a Free and Paid version.

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Development : PC Backup Now Developing Android Apps
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2012/1/23 11:00:00 (2841 reads)

In November 2011, PC Backup expanded our business focus into app development for Android-based smartphone and tablets!

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Development : Debate Rages Over Apple Banning Flash Applications
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2010/5/3 19:11:00 (2964 reads)

Apple has banned Flash, and all web applications written for it, from running on the iPhone, effectively eliminating any Flash-based content from reaching those consumers using an Apple smartphone. Does this decision by Apple really matter to anyone?

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Development : PC Backup Interested in Business System Demand
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/12/30 0:15:34 (2345 reads)

PC Backup is looking for feedback from you on current system needs that are currently not met by available off-the-shelf solutions, either functionally or affordably - or both...

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Development : Qooxdoo 1.0 Finally Released
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/12/17 10:10:00 (2354 reads)

Finally, it's here! The Qooxdoo javascript framework has now reached the ultimate milestone, version 1.0, lending credibility to a tremendous tool for web development!

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