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Development : Oracle Database Capabilities Provided by PC Backup
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/5/28 9:10:00 (2545 reads)

PC Backup has multiple Oracle environments available for development work...

In today's economic environment, businesses need to consider every possible opportunity for increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. PC Backup has extensive experience developing web-based Oracle business applications, and we have development environments available on-site for both Oracle 10g and 11g database versions.

Oracle is the leading vendor in database technology, and it scales very efficiently to extremely large datasets. Internet or private Intranet access is possible through standard client web browsers, using built-in development capabilities in the Oracle database. Providing access to business data through web-based solutions provides the best opportunity for connecting employees, clients, and vendors to a common set of information, and your application solution can be designed with appropriate data access controls as required by your own data security policy. We are able to develop solutions that control user interaction with your application and data based on specific users or user roles, and we understand the importance of these capabilities in a business environment. Oracle can also store application documents directly in the database environment, allowing documents to be directly associated with related business meta-data, providing greater efficiency and integration with your business process than shared file folders on a file server can offer.

Because Oracle is available for all major Operating Systems, it is easy to deploy or migrate the production solution to any number of host environments without any code modifications. Oracle has a long-standing reputation for scalable, fast, and dependable solutions, and your important business data deserves the best in the industry.

We are experienced in designing and building database applications to address specific business data needs, and we are happy to talk with you about the best solution to your business problem. If your business is interested in developing web-based database applications for managing business processes or critical data, consider working with us to develop your data solution. Oracle offers both fully-licensed and free database implementation options, and PC Backup is prepared to help you through the challenges of moving to the best database solution anywhere. You can host your business application on the Internet through us or let us help you setup an internal Oracle instance at your location on an existing or new server. PC Backup can provide complete turnkey database server solutions with Linux, Oracle, and your database application installed and ready to go on Intel-based custom servers. We can help you setup the database server at your location and have you up and running immediately.

If you already have an Oracle solution ready to deploy, PC Backup can install and implement it on your server or ours. We can also solve problems with existing Oracle databases instances - including modifications to your application and data, improvements in database application performance, or migration of your database to a new server. Database administration is also available from PC Backup, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your business data is secured and protected on a regular basis.

Call us at (937) 478-7624 or submit an inquiry through our "Contact Us" page on this site, and we'll help solve your business data nightmares.

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