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Development : Choosing Between Off-The-Shelf or Custom Business Process Solutions
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/6/3 9:35:09 (3346 reads)

PC Backup has experience in building and implementing database applications for managing a companies' business processes, workflow, and data.

While there are off-the-shelf solutions available to address specific business processes, these come with a high price tag and often require extensive customization or configuration to meet the needs of each customer's business processes. In addition, using an off-the-shelf product often means extensive training so that users are able to find and use the specific features that are required among the many capabilities provided.

Obviously, small to medium size companies don't have the resources to purchase many of these off-the-shelf solutions, let alone pay for the customization and configuration tasks that are required. Add the training time and resources to get users off the ground and running, and the cost of these solutions quickly reaches into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your process and data management needs are specific but simple, it may make sense to build a custom solution that addresses your specific needs without buying the Lexus of systems, saving you significant cost in the long run.

We have experience building custom database applications for managing the workflow and data in a business process, providing a convenient web-browser interface for employees, customers, and vendors alike. Security can be configured at any level required, and these solutions can be installed on your premises or hosted through the Internet, using the powerful and dependable Oracle database as a rock-solid foundation.

Let PC Backup help you with the selection process to determine whether an existing off-the-shelf solution or a custom designed-for-you solution is most appropriate. Call us at (937) 478-7624 or submit an inquiry through the "Contact Us" form on this site, and we'll be happy to give you our insights into your problems.

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