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Development : PC Backup Now Developing Android Apps
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2012/1/23 11:00:00 (2841 reads)

In November 2011, PC Backup expanded our business focus into app development for Android-based smartphone and tablets!

Cellphones are quickly becoming an essential part of everyday life, playing an increasingly-pivotal role for many people, and this global trend is occurring at an alarming rate. The capability of today's smartphones forms the basis for this new social movement by bringing us the power of a desktop or laptop computer in a portable format.

For some, it's difficult to comprehend the difference between cellphones of today versus just a few years ago. While better available hardware has helped significantly, the primary improvement has come as a result of the software platforms available today. Incredible capability is literally within our grasp due to cellphone platforms like Google's Android and Apple's iOS, which have allowed the development of applications that take advantage of the power at our disposal.

However, it's worth noting that before now, each manufacturer was designing their brand of phone using unique proprietary operating systems as the software platform. As a result, while each brand had a distinctive personality, and a corresponding loyal user base, it also meant that developers had to specifically focus their effort on individual brands of devices. This fragmentation of effort resulted in slower development of new applications. By allowing any cellphone manufacturer to license and use the Android platform in their hardware, Google has merged these disparate user communities into a common ecosystem of users across many brands. As a result, developers can now create applications that meet a variety of needs, easily deploying them to a large number of smartphone users with far less effort than before.

Recognizing the potential market for well-designed and effective applications, PC Backup is now focusing resources in this new direction. While there is an enormous number of applications already available on the application market, poor design and inferior development quality are evident at every turn. With the number of poorly-developed applications available to users, developers of quality applications have an opportunity to reach a significant number of users.

By building on our expertise in creating simple yet effective user interfaces, combined with a working knowledge of Internet and database technologies, our primary goal is to identify gaps in the application market and deliver the tools that users want and need. Our first application effort is soon to be released, with many more to follow. If you are frustrated in your search for quality applications that satisfy specific needs, consider contacting us here at PC Backup to see if we can help.

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