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PC Backup : Web Site Hosting from PC Backup
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/3/4 9:20:00 (2966 reads)

PC Backup provides an array of hosting and site development services...

Whether you have designed your own web site and need a place to host it, or you need help creating and hosting a site from scratch, PC Backup is here to help.

For the sake of security, all of our web servers are Linux-based servers (Suse Linux Enterprise Server), and web hosting is done through the standard Apache web hosting daemon. Our web servers support not only standard HTML content, but PHP scripting as well. Other script languages are available for those with more advanced requirements by enabling additional Apache modules for your site - PC Backup will work with you to enable the technologies you need and make it work for you.

Database support is also available, including the latest MySQL database or Oracle if required. Other databases can be installed or setup as needed. Oracle licensing will be required in order to setup and implement a production Oracle environment, so this should only be considered for major business applications that you need hosted "in the cloud" for you.

In addition to hosting services, PC Backup has the knowledge to help you create the right site for your needs, using a variety of approaches depending on your requirements. We can help guide you down the right path to a web presence, taking into consideration your requirements and budget. PC Backup will strive to find the most economical solution in order to keep your costs appropriate. We can design a custom site, with or without database support, create the HTML and script coding, test the design, and implement the site on our servers. Your web design and hosting project is managed completely by us, from start to finish.

PC Backup can also setup community sites, using the open-source XOOPS portal framework, helping you to select appropriate plug-in modules that provide the type of content you need. Consider this option if you want login capability for web users to provide team communication, project collaboration, or file sharing. If your visual design requirements are flexible, this tool provides a Content Management System so you can control the public content on your site through Administrative interfaces, and the cost to implement a site with this method is really reasonable. We can show you a number of examples of how XOOPS was used to quickly implement other web sites.

In addition, PC Backup has a wealth of knowledge building business-process applications to enhance the ability to control workflow and information management for your business or organization. If you are faced with expensive proposals from big vendors for business-process applications, let PC Backup show you a way to build and implement your application for less. Our customers include a major corporation that trusts us to build and maintain Oracle business applications that are hosted on their own private servers, and PC Backup can do this for you too. Complex business applications don't need to cost you 10's of thousands of dollars - we do it for less with the personal touch to boot.

Regardless of your needs, PC Backup understands the challenges of building and hosting web content, either on the Internet or your own company Intranet. Give us a call at (937) 478-7624 and tell us what you need. We'd love to be able to help you find the right solution.

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