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PC Backup : Availability of Web-Based Business Systems with Subscription Pricing
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2012/5/23 12:50:00 (3036 reads)

PC Backup is nearing the end of development on a web-based application framework, bringing professional business process management capabilities to businesses of all sizes at affordable subscription pricing.

The framework will feature a variety of standard elements (or objects) which represent common business data and/or functions (i.e. jobs, clients, vendors, sales, purchases, etc.), providing a record of business activities as each object is created, managed, and inter-related according to a defined business process. In addition, to enforce adherence to the business process, the system also includes a complex workflow management system that defines the business process steps to be followed by object. The workflow system provides several types of steps, including user task assignments, group tasks assignments, conditional branching, and data updates - in addition to predefined default workflows for each type of object, custom workflows can be defined per your business process.

You can also upload document file attachments to objects as added documentation, limiting user access to files based on its status in combination with other system elements. Of course, you can always elevate any user's access through the full-featured role/privilege system.

While the system already includes a small number of available object types, we will continue to add additional objects in the coming months, eventually offering a complete end-to-end business data system. Our plan is to provide an array of configuration options for a business to choose the features that match their needs, with subscription fees dependent on the number of selected options and the amount of users and data storage needed. To evaluate the system, you can register for a free but restricted account and only initiate a subscription-based account when you're ready.

While the system is currently operational, there are a number of important features and enhancements to finish before we roll it out to users. If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of this new framework, please contact us in whatever manner is most convenient.

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