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K9 News : Use of Electronic Collars for Dog Training?
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/6/3 9:51:53 (2599 reads)

Are you being told that you need to use an electronic collar for training your beloved pet? Do have reservations about using this type of "shock" method in your training?

K9 Adventures shares your concern, as these training devices are seeing an increasing amount of usage by trainers and home-owners.

There are specific situations that can benefit from the use of an electronic shock collar, but they are very limited in scope. For instance, in field work where voice and hand commands may not be effective, the electronic collar offers a convenient means of getting your dog's attention. Also, in potentially dangerous situations, the electronic collar can evoke an immediate response from your dog, possibly saving their life. Most of these situations are not very typical for a homeowner who has a pet dog, usually applying more in working dog circumstances. Also, used inappropriately, electronic shock collars can traumatize a dog for the rest of its lifetime.

Here at K9 Adventures, we believe that dog training for most pet owners is best accomplished through a common-sense approach. Basic principles involved include understanding your dog's need for a strong bond with you, establishing yourself in a consistent position of leadership, avoiding negative reinforcement of incorrect behavior, and praising your pet when it behaves appropriately. Training treats can be used in certain training situations but should not be overused, as the best reward for your dog is always your positive praise. Using these basic principles and applying regular "practice" sessions as reinforcement will go a long way towards making your pet happy and healthy.

Let K9 Adventures lead you through an appropriate dog training process with which you can be comfortable and successful. Call us at (937) 478-7129 to find out more about our training methods.

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