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PC Backup : Consider a Custom Desktop PC from PC Backup
Posted by Gene Amtower on 2009/5/11 15:00:00 (1789 reads)

Why consider purchasing your next desktop computer from PC Backup? Below are the reasons you should consider this alternative to name-brand vendors...

PC Backup only sells desktop PCs based on Intel processors because we've found that there are far fewer problems now and later for us and our customers. We use Intel motherboards and processors that are certified to work together without compatibility issues. Intel designs and builds their motherboards with the inside knowledge of what works best with their processors, so the result is a more stable and reliable system. In addition, Intel provides us with the ability to offer our customers a 3 year warranty on all Intel components at no additional cost, in addition to a standard 1 year warranty on all other computer components. Other vendors charge you for a 3 year warranty, especially on lower-end systems that may not even come with a standard 1 year warranty. Regardless of how much you spend on your PC from PC Backup, the motherboard and processors come with a 3 year warranty backed by the biggest name in the computer business, and they stock warranty parts throughout the 3 year warranty period so that we can get your computer running again with minimal delay.

We also use only Western Digital hard drives for the same reason - they have proven to be reliable and effective over the years. We have never had a hard drive fail in one of our Intel-based PCs to date, allowing you to have the confidence to depend on your PC Backup computer for all of your critical computer needs. We don't source the cheapest hardware available because we believe in the value of using quality components. We watch the industry for what works best and only offer those components in our system specifications.

Also, when you have PC Backup quote a system, we will take the time to explain where you can get more power or capacity for the least amount of extra investment, allowing you to feel confident that you are spending your money where it matters. In addition, you can be confident that we are not installing a ton of non-value-added software just because we made a deal with some software vendor. We install only the essential software you need to use your computer effectively, without being slowed down by upgrade offers or limited-time software. We install antivirus software that works right out of the box and doesn't require yearly renewals. If you want additional applications for specific work needs, we will install it for you and make sure that it is operating correctly; you don't have to uninstall something you didn't request when you buy a PC Backup computer. You get no teasers from us - just the right mix of hardware and software to enable your computer to work for you.

After we've built your system, we also provide you with the easiest path from your old computer to your new computer of anyone in the industry. Allow us to help you with personal after-sales support for your new computer, assisting you with moving data and user info, setting up printers and networking, and installing your favorite applications from your old system. With PC Backup, you don't just get a box in the mail - you get the confidence of knowing that we'll be there to help you through the entire process if you need it. If you don't need the help, then we're happy to just sell you a PC, too.

In addition to all of these advantages, we also provide you with direct support whenever you have any issues with your system. You can call us directly to ask questions or solve problems without dealing with language barriers, selecting from confusing phone menu options, or waiting for the next support person to become available. PC Backup provides you with the confidence of a real human being that cares about your ability to get your job done.

Let PC Backup show you how computers should be done by calling us at (937) 478-7624 or filling out the Contact Form on this website and submitting your inquiry to us.

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